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FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania


Mary Shaw and Roy Weil

Freewheeling Easy, the book
September 2001

Canoeing in western PA
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Trails for the Rest of Us

If you like to bicycle but you don't like to ride in automobile traffic or on rough, steep, undeveloped tracks, these trails are for you. They are

  • easy to ride or walk,
  • off-limits to automobile traffic
  • reasonably level

Depending on their history, these routes are variously called rail-trails, bike paths, greenways, towpaths, and linear parks. Some are paved, some dirt or crushed stone; a few have short excursions onto roads with very little (and very slow) traffic. All are suitable for touring bikes with medium to wide tires and for hybrid or mountain bikes. They provide opportunities for short family outings and for multi-day touring. If you like to walk on wide smooth gentle paths, you will also enjoy them.

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